THE CHUMMER and The Art of Chumming

Chumming is the most effective method of all fishing techniques for attracting fish to an area. Spreading particles of food into the water as bait brings game fish to within casting range and stimulates them into feeding.

All that is needed to promote the feeding frenzy are the right baits and the right tools to distribute the chum!

The Chummer was developed to propel live bait, cut bait, and prepared baits with pinpoint accuracy up to 100 feet and more. Allowing you to target those areas where your baited hook awaits.

The Chummer’s patent pending innovative design has been extensively field tested, luring almost all game fish species. The Chummer can be used almost anywhere. From a boat while trolling, drifting, or anchored. And by land based anglers fishing from piers, jetties, seawalls, docks, shorelines, and while wading.

“If you chum, they will come”