About The Chummer

The Chummer is a must have tool for every fisherman wanting to catch a lot of big fish.
The frame is made from heavy duty yet lightweight reinforced composite materials and comes in a black satin finish. The non-slip rubber handle fits comfortably in your hand and allows a firm grip when the elastics are placed under maximum stretch. The wide “T” shaped frame enables the use of a large specially designed pouch which can deliver adequate quantities of live bait, cut bait or prepared baits out to optimum range.

The pouch has been engineered using durable reinforced pcv that is relatively soft yet rigid enough to hold baits without crushing them. Solid brass grommets are corrosion proof and allow for a positive attachment point for the elastics. High strength elastics are used assuring accurate smooth delivery of all types of chum to medium and long range with pinpoint control.

Now is the time to make all your fishing trips “Catching” trips.
The Chummer will effectively increase your catch rate and you’ll have a lot of fun using it.