Using The Chummer

The chummer can be fired in a few ways. But, we have found that the most effective way is to grip the handle using your less dominant hand with your thumb pointed towards the “T” frame. Turn your hand so the “T” frame is pointing down at a 45° angle. Fill the pouch with your choice of chum. Grab the pouch lanyard using your thumb, index, and middle finger. Keeping your grip arm straight, pull the pouch handle back to tension the elastics. Raise or lower your stiffened arm to adjust the trajectory and release the pouch lanyard.

Chum is launched. Now cast your baited hook out to where you’ve just chummed and hang on!
Almost any bait, live, cut, or prepared can be launched out to 100 feet or more using this method. Top baits include live pilchards, threadfin herring, sardines, etc. Any kind of cut bait, crabs, shrimp, or fish can also be used. Just “match the hatch”, sling out whatever your targeted species is feeding on.

“If you want to catch, match the hatch”